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Maintain Control of Your Care

So nobody can use your treatment against you.


Private Pay Options Available

san antonio therapy psychotherapy mental health care psychologists counselors

We can all use a guardian angel to help us get through the hard times.

Don't Carry it Alone

That's where Archangel Therapy Group comes in to help.


Archangel Therapy is here to help

san antonio therapy psychotherapy mental health care psychologists counselors

Archangel Therapy Group strives to offer a more inclusive and patient-centric approach.

Counseling that Cares

We know no two patients are alike, so we customize each session to the individual.


and Meets You Where You Are

san antonio therapy psychotherapy mental health care psychologists counselors

Explore your trauma, address fears, or practice techniques in a safe, controlled environment.

Virtual Reality Therapy

Now available for all sessions in San Antonio.


Now Available for All Sessions

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Life Coaching

san antonio therapy psychotherapy mental health care psychologists counselors

Trauma & PTSD Therapy

san antonio therapy psychotherapy mental health care psychologists counselors

Emotional Support Animal Letters

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Virtual Reality Therapy

Welcome to Archangel Therapy & Life Coaching

Where Productivity, Compassion and Privacy Meet

Because We All

Need a Guardian Angel

At the Archangel Therapy & Life Coaching, we believe in radical care and support for all. Our philosophy is that everyone can benefit from taking care of their mental health and mental wellbeing, and we offer therapy to help you do exactly that. Additionally, we believe that no one should have the autonomy to dictate what is in your personal best interest, and we cater to private-pay individuals to ensure the highest amount of discretion and confidentiality. Our focus is on trauma-informed care and not delving into “what’s wrong” with our clients, but rather helping them process what’s happened to them. Whether you’re needing someone to help you unpack your past personal trauma, help you manage stress, or learn techniques for optimizing your relationships with others, our team is here to help.

Everyone needs a guardian angel looking out for them from time-to-time, and we’re happy to be yours in times of struggle. Contact our team today to request a consultation and get started on the path to feeling better and thriving in your life today.


What Can Archangel Help With?

Just like no two individuals are the same, no two therapy sessions are the same. That’s why the Archangel Therapy Group offers a wide array of services for all types of therapy and counseling needs. With their years of experience, the team at Archangel Therapy Group can address nearly any aspect of your mental health and well-being. Below are just a few of the types of mental health issues that can be addressed at Archangel Therapy Group.

PTSD / Trauma

More of us are dealing with trauma or PTSD than you likely realize. Let Archangel Therapy Group help you unpack your experiences and develop healthy and effective coping mechanisms.


Whether it’s work stress, fear of life changing, or something much more deep seated, anxiety issues are extremely common. Our approach helps you address anxiety issues head on in your day-to-day life.

Stress Management

We’ve been told that our lives are more leisurely now than at any time in human history. If that’s the case, why are we all so stressed out? We’ll help you learn to manage your stress in healthy, productive ways.


One of the biggest stressors in our lives are our relationships – be they romantic, platonic, familial or professional. Setting healthy boundaries and managing those relationships can help you thrive and grow in your life.


Clinical depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. With treatment, you can learn techniques to manage the symptoms of depression.

Life Coaching

Let’s face it – life can be a challenge. Our team offers life coaching services to help you reach your maximum potential, be your best self and thrive in your day-to-day.

Hello, I’m Dr. Arkangel

Expert Psychotherapist in San Antonio

Life is far too short to be unhappy. I want you to wake up each morning feeling ready to meet the challenges of the day. Be inspired. Have fulfilling relationships. Live with passion and confidence. These are our goals at Archangel Therapy & Life Coaching. I also care about your confidentiality and privacy, and believe each individual should have the autonomy to choose their own care. Let’s work together so that we can achieve yours. With me, you will have a psychotherapist who will support and encourage you as you work to create positive change in your life. Archangel Therapy & Life Coaching will provide honest feedback and guidance as we explore obstacles standing in the way of you and your success.

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Life Coaching Services

Help You Need BEFORE Your Mental Health Suffers

With so many obstacles, challenges and struggles in our lives, it’s not wonder more and more people are experiencing mental health issues on a regular basis. We offer Life Coaching Services to help you live your best life and thrive before getting into situations that can be detrimental to your mental health.

Why Archangel Therapy Group?

Working with Archangel Therapy & Life Coaching can help provide…

  • Self-Exploration & Self-Discovery
  • Support & Validation
  • Assistance in Change of Bad Habits
  • Ability to Better Express and Manage Emotions
  • Safe Outlet to Vent about Issues
  • Fostering Hope, Motivation, and Encouragement
  • Learning Effective Skills for Life
  • Guidance in Finding Purpose
  • Complete Confidentiality and Autonomy

Let’s Get Started

Are you ready to start your journey to mental wellness and a more fulfilled life? Use the contact form below to connect with our team and request an introductory appointment.


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